Tourist Information Centre in Dudince provides the following information:
– information about places of interest in the surroundings
– information about cultural events in Dudince and in the neighbourhood
– trip TIPS
– presentation materials of member subjects (hotels/ guest houses)
– free booklets from Hont region
– searching bus and train connections
– information about catering and accommodation

– sale of souvenirs, magnets, booklets about Dudince, maps, postcards, tourist stamps, stickers, etc.
– internet connection (one PC available)
– making black & white or colour copies (A4)
– printing in black & white or colour (A4)
– scanning of documents

The services are subject to a fee.

ID number: 421 992 12
Tax ID number: 2023597675
Bank connection: SK54 0900 0000 0051 0903 3845